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I am a PhD student at the University of Texas at Austin researching at the Quantum Information Center under Prof. Scott Aaronson.

I completed my undergraduate studies at the California Institute of Technology in June 2016. I have a Bachelor of Science in physics (major) and computer science (minor).

Curriculum Vitae List of courses at Caltech

Magic State Distillation

I am working on the threshold problem in magic state distillation: Given a quantum computer that can perform only Clifford operations, what injected resource states allow the device to become universal? One way of studying this problem is to give a procedure that distills several copies of a resource state to a known useful state.

In early 2017 I showed that any distillation procedure can be reduced to the signed quantum weight enumerators of a quantum stabilizer code:

2017: Signed quantum weight enumerators characterize qubit magic state distillation - quant-ph/1702.06990

Right now, I am studying Clifford and non-Clifford symmetries of stabilizer codes. I hope this can give a characterization of magic state distillation in directions other than the T and H axes.

Quantum Circuit Simulator

In early 2016 David Gosset and Sergei Bravyi developed a fast simulator for quantum circuits that extends the Gottesmann-Knill theorem to support T-gates:

Sergei Bravyi, David Gosset: Improved classical simulation of quantum circuits dominated by Clifford gates - quant-ph/1601.07601

Iskren Vankov and I maintain an implementation of this algorithm written in Python and C. We are hoping to test this out on a supercomputer and go for a record-number of T-gates.

CircuitSimulator on GitHub CircuitSimulator Slides

Pre-graduate Research

At IQIM under Prof. John Preskill, I wrote a matrix product state simulator in Javascript and used it simulate quantum cellular automata.

2015: Quantum Block Cellular Automata Interactive Slideshow

In 2014 I worked in Prof. David Hsieh's laser lab, and assisted Hao Chu with his ultrafast pulsed laser pump-probe experiment.

At the German Aerospace Center, Laksh Bhasin and I analyzed sub-pixel detection algorithms for a robotics sensor.

2013: Sub-Pixel Detection Algorithms for Fiber-Bragg Gratings

I determined the orbit of an asteroid using telescope observations at the Summer Science Program 2011:

2011: Orbit Determination of 1951 Lick

My first research project was to analyse ATLAS detector data under Dr. Richard Nisius at the Max Plank Institute for Physics in Munich.

2011: ATLAS Top-Quark Jet Reconstruction Algorithms

Other code

PatVimLatex - A latex editor for Vim and llpp Three Sided Cards - A flashcard application for Chinese words PatVR - A simple virtual reality application

Last update: February 2017